Best Dinner Split Bill App


youchamp is the best dinner split bill app there is! youchamp will calculate what you owe and who owes you, and then offset the amounts so you are only paying what you need to. With youchamp, we take away the complexities of organising expenses and help you avoid serious talks. youchamp will have your money in your bank in no time – all you need is your friends to accept the charges that you incurred or paid for them.

Some of the ways you can use this expense management app to split group bills with your friends and family:

Split dinner bills:
If you and your friends frequently eat out together, this option works well. You can start a special youchamp group and dedicate it to your outings. Every time you dine together, add a new expense to the group. Since you know you’ll be going out for dinner with the same group again, you can take turns paying the group bill in the app. Our expense management system will keep track of who’s turn it is to pay.

Share costs on holidays:
With youchamp, you and your friends can simply keep a running tally of who has spent money for what. At the end of the trip, youchamp will offset the amounts and everybody can pay their dues accordingly.

Split shared gifts:
To keep everybody happy, why not split an expensive gift amongst your friendship group or family? That way everybody gets the chance to contribute to purchasing a special gift for someone they care about.

Split the rent and household bills:
Set up your share house group by entering your total bill amount and split equally amongst yourselves. Champy does all the maths for you, sends your flatmates texts and notifications and nags them with reminders.

Share group event costs:
You can save yourself money by splitting the costs with your guests or fellow event organisers in youchamp. You can split group event costs between yourselves after the event, when you can afford to do so, rather than having to pay for everything yourself upfront.

How excited are you to use youchamp to split all types of bills, manage shared expenses, instantly chat with friends and keep track of IOUs? Download the best dinner split bill app and leave us a comment to let us know!

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