Best App to Split Travel Costs


Travelling with a group of friends is fun, but calculating and splitting travel costs is not. Luckily for you, youchamp is the best app to split travel costs while travelling with a group. Here’s a look at how you can use youchamp to set up a group budget while travelling, as well as split travel expenses fairly and easily.

Create a youchamp group before your trip

Select ‘create new group’ and invite people from your contact list. Your invitees will then be added to a new group chat where you can discuss plans, share receipts and settle expenses. Everyone can add their expenses as they arise and youchamp will automatically calculate how much each person owes.

Track your travel spending

youchamp tracks spending among your travel group and allows you to quickly and easily manage costs. You can create different expenses and youchamp will calculate how much each person owes in total, and to whom.

What’s great about youchamp is it organises all of your friends’ expenses in one place and allows everyone to see the amount they owe. Payments can then be made directly in the app. youchamp can even generate receipts and send automatic reminders if there’s an outstanding balance.

Equal and unequal splits

youchamp gives you the option to split group payments evenly or divide the bill any way you would like. youchamp will send everyone a notification when a new expense has been added, so that way the organiser isn’t left out of pocket.

Another great thing about youchamp is that it’s available in India, Brazil and Singapore, making it ideal for international travel. You can also pay in different currencies if you need.

Start using youchamp to split your travel expenses. All you need to do is enter your credit card and bank account details, and then you can start paying or being paid directly through youchamp. We’re here to help you have a memorable experience on your holiday – stress free!

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