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5 Thoughtful Going Away Party Ideas

When your friends are going away, it’s common to want to throw them a party to say goodbye. The best party ideas give you a chance to celebrate their life choices and wish them well, as well as let them know how much you will miss them. If you have never planned a party before, don’t worry. Going Away Parties can be as casual as they are and there are very few rules or expectations for what they will do. If you need going away party ideas, you likely have bittersweet feelings about the event. So plan your party and work on these fun, thoughtful, and always fun party ideas. When you can get some friends and family together to celebrate, throwing a memorable event makes this time even more special.

Here are 5 different going away party ideas

Picnic: Whether it’s hot or cold outside, a picnic is always a good idea. It can be with friends in your backyard, a park, or a winery. Picnics can be as fancy or simple as you like. The picnic’s food menu includes easy to transport and store food, champagne, sandwiches, and cold beer. From cheerful tablecloths to candles or lanterns, drinks and desserts to chairs and napkins you’ll have to take everything.

Picnics are great for small, individual groups, and up to medium-sized gatherings. This picnic can be arranged at any time. You can use youchamp to organise who is going to bring what, and even split the expenses.

Backyard Campfire: A backyard campfire is a great idea for going away party with friends. If your backyard is spacious and has a firepit, you can build a campfirethere with your friends. This kind of event is best done at night. It’s a great idea to have a good time with friends. The menu at this party may include BBQ, cooked food, drinks and nibbles. Because it will be done at a house, you can spend more time making something a little more complex to bring.

And there’s noting more entertaining than a backyard campfire party where someone breaks out a guitar for a singalong.

Packing party: A packing party is where you all gather at your friend’s house who is leaving and help them pack. If you decide to host a party with your friends, make sure you organise with the person who’s house it is. Provide all the accessories you would normally like, food, drink, and music, but also keep packing materials and encourage guests to bring some boxes and packing tape.

Helping your friends pack their belongings in record time through a packing party will mean you can also celecrate for long. Not only will everyone be able to hang out for the last time, but it will be a great help to anyone moving. You can also use youchamp to organise who will bring what for the packing.

Destination-themed party: Destination-themed parties are one of the best ideas for going away party with friends. Bring the destination to the party with a fun theme. All friends, who have moved to another big city or another part of the world, get excited about all sorts of things inspired by that place. It’s a fun way to create excitement for the big move. You can even create a theme based around where your friend is moving to. Take photos and videos and share them in a youchamp group to keep those memories forever.

Saying goodbye is always hard

These are just a few thoughtful going away party ideas with friends to help you create memories for your important friends.. You don’t have to plan anything irrational or over-the-top to have a great party. It’s all about spending time with your caregivers and making sure they feel valued. Since you don’t always have much time to plan the perfect party, less is really more.

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