Split Group Travel Costs


Splitting the bill is a fun experience when you do it with youchamp! Our split bill app will take care of the finances while you and your friends and family spend your holiday relaxing. Here’s how youchamp is helping you split group travel costs.

youchamp makes it super easy to keep a running tally of what you and your friends have paid for. Start your trip by creating a group chat with the people you’re travelling with. Each time someone pays for something for the whole group (such as petrol, accommodation or lunch), get them to enter it into the expense manager. They can add everyone who was a part of the expense and opt to split equally or unequally. Keep all your IOUs and shared expenses in the one place so that everybody can easily see how much they’ve paid and how much they’re still owed.

No more worrying about money while you’re travelling. Holidays are supposed to be spent relaxing and having fun. And youchamp would like to keep it that way! When you use youchamp to split expenses while travelling, you no longer have that money stress looming over your head. Youchamp makes your life a while lot easier when you’re away from home!

At the end of the trip, youchamp will offset your expenses. This means that you don’t have to pay everyone back for each individual expense. Instead, youchamp will offset all the expenses so you only have to pay the difference. This keeps things even more simple – we know that when you get back from a trip, money is the last thing you want to think about! Now you’ll have more time to spend sharing photos from your trip and discussing the special memories you’ve made with your loved ones.

Keep it simple. Keep it happy. Download youchamp today.

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