youchamp private chats


We know that sometimes you want to keep your conversations private. Maybe you want to organise a secret gift for someone. Or maybe you need to settle a shared bill with a single friend. Whatever your reason, youchamp private chats are now here!

youchamp private chats work in the same way as your group chats. The only difference is that you’re talking to one person, rather than a group of people. You can still have conversations, split bills and manage expenses the way you would in a group chat. But unlike group chats, private conversations in youchamp come with a few benefits. Here’s a look at how you can use youchamp private chats.

Share expenses with a friend or family member

Not all shared expenses are with a group of people! Sometimes you’re splitting the bill with only one other person. And if you’re doing this on a regular basis, it’s better to take the conversation away from the group and into a private message. This keeps your expenses more organised and allows your group members to only see expenses relevant to them.

If you and a friend are travelling together, or getting each other drinks on a night out, private chat helps you keep track of how much you owe each other. It’s easier to add expenses as you go, rather than working out the total amount spent at the end of the night. Use a private chat to keep track of one-on-one expenses in a more comprehensive manner.

Settle an expense privately

Maybe you can’t afford to pay someone back just yet. Or maybe you can’t contribute as much money to a shared gift as the rest of your group. When this happens, rather than feeling bad about paying less than everyone else, settle the expense privately. Message the group organiser or the person who paid for the expense. You can let them know about your situation or give them your contributions privately.

Have you used youchamp private messaging yet? Download youchamp and try it yourself today!


Save money with an expense management app


youchamp isn’t just a split bill app or a chat app. youchamp is also the best expense management app on the market! youchamp will help you keep track of how much you’re spending so you can make sure that you’re on track with your budget. Here are just some of the ways youchamp helps you save money with an expense management app.
Expense history in one place

youchamp is an expense management app with a lot of features. You can see all your expenses in the one place, manage your money and bills and even pay your expenses if you’d like to. We will provide you with a list of payments still owing, remind you to make payments and multi-factor authentication (for security).

Monthly expense summary

At the end of each month, youchamp app will send you a summary of your expenses and youchamp activity. You can see all the expenses you’ve paid, what people have paid to you, and how much you owe others. We’ll send you a complete history of all your expenses for the month. Now you’ll know exactly where your money is going. And you can see how much your friends still owe you!

Integrated expense tracking

Using the latest mobile technology, youchamp gives you insights into your spending habits. youchamp has a big focus on expense management and presents useful information on your spending, but it also features social functionalities for shared expenses. With youchamp, you are getting all the help you could need with budgeting, group spending, expense tracking and bill splitting.

Try the youchamp expense management app today. Download it from the App Store or Play Store now.


Group gifting with youchamp


Show your loved one how much you care by gifting them something they will cherish for years to come. Sometimes, the present you want to gift is more than you can afford. When this happens, we suggest you and your friends, family or colleagues come together to purchase a group gift. This not only allows you to purchase an expensive gift for your loved one, but it also makes the present more special as you are gifting it together, as a group.

Group gifting with youchamp

Splitting the cost of a group gift for a family member, friend or colleague is a great way to go. This saves you from having to find your own individual gift and allows you to purchase something more exclusive or substantial for your loved ones. Now you can get your loved one that gift they’ve been hoping for! Which makes their special day even more meaningful.

How do you choose a group gift?

Create a youchamp group chat where you can discuss your group gift ideas. Brainstorm together in the youchamp app. You can also ask everyone to pool their contributions together first and then choose a group gift based on the amount of money you have raised together.

How do you share a group gift?

Discussions are guaranteed to happen over how much money everyone should contribute and when to pay. There are two ways you can go when paying for group gifts. The first is to split the cost of the present equally. Enter the total amount of the present, and youchamp will split it equally with everyone in the expense. The other option is to allow everyone to contribute how much they want. This is a great option for when some people can’t afford to contribute much while others have enough expendable income to contribute more.


Gift Sharing App


Paying for a gift on behalf of a group is a task no one wants to put their hand up for. This is mainly because a few scenarios can happen:

  1. A contributor will commit to help pay but when the time comes they don’t
  2. A contributor will completely forget to pay for the gift
  3. A contributor is tight with their money and just doesn’t pay
  4. Miscommunication about the price/gift and time-frame of payment

It is awkward at the best of times asking people for money when the above circumstances arise. Even more so with your mates or family members.  Normally, the main contributor will end up forking the bill which leaves them out of pocket and sometimes with a sour taste in their mouths. But not to fear: youchamp is here!

youchamp provides consumers with a solution to all the above problems.  youchamp will help people pay for gifts without the hassle of asking contributors for money. The youchamp app will automate the whole process of paying a gift on behalf of a group.

Share a gift with youchamp

youchamp makes it easy to manage any type of gift payment splitting and allows you to pay your friends by credit card, cash or direct debit.

  • Create a group and invite your friends
  • Have no specific target, or enter a target amount
  • Invitees make their payment
  • The arranger claims the money and closes the group
  • youchamp is completely free to use for amounts of under $100. A processing fee of $1 for any group value between $100-$499, $5 for any group value between $500-$999, $10 for any group value between $1,000-$2,499, $25 for any group between $2,500-$4,999 and a 1% fee for any group value over $5,000
  • As soon as you claim the money and close the group, we’ll transfer any outstanding funds to your bank account minus our processing fee, if there is any

Different ways to split the dinner bill


You’re out at dinner with a group of friends and the bill comes around. The restaurant doesn’t allow split bills and not everyone has cash in their wallet. Thankfully, you all have the youchamp app on your phones. But have you decided how you’re going to pay?

Take turns paying

If you and your friends frequently eat out together, this option works well. You can start a special youchamp group and dedicate it to your outings. Every time you dine together, add a new expense to the group. Since you know you’ll be going out for dinner with the same group again, you can take turns paying the group bill in the app. Our expense management system will keep track of who’s turn it is to pay.

Conversely, youchamp app is a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t see often. Pay the bill on your first dinner together and use it as a secret ploy to get them to meet up with you again another time. Trust us, the favour will always be returned!

Split equally

youchamp app gives you the option to split equally or allow participants to pay for what they had. Splitting equally is the simple solution. It works best when you shared a group meal, or everybody’s dish was around the same price. If you decide to split the bill equally, just make sure that everyone is happy to pay this way!

One person pays and is repaid

With youchamp app, you can trust your friends to pay you back. youchamp keeps everyone accountable so you never have to worry about being left out of pocket. We’ll send out weekly reminders to your friends about their IOUs, eliminating the need to have an awkward conversation.


Share Household Bills


The youchamp app is a great way to keep living expenses low. When one or more of your roommates aren’t pulling their weight, the youchamp app is here to make sure your savings don’t evaporate.

When the electricity and water bills come around, input the information into a new youchamp expense and select who needs to pay for what. You can choose to split the bill equally or use youchamp to work out how to divide the bill. For example, you can split the bill based on who uses the most electricity or whether someone has a private or shared bathroom.

Use your household youchamp group to share photos of the bills that you’re splitting amongst yourselves. This includes your shared groceries, rent and utilities. youchamp requires that one person pays for the entire bill and then seeks IOUs. youchamp will send automatic payment reminders to anyone who still needs to pay you back. Payments can be made quickly and automatically within the app, and your money will appear in your bank account within a couple of days.

Not only does youchamp app help you settle single IOUs, but it also keeps keep of how much everybody has paid. youchamp also allows users to offset payments, preventing unnecessary back and forth between roommates.

youchamp app is the way to go. For share houses, start by making that everyone has downloaded the youchamp app from the Play Store or App Store. Then set up a new ‘household’ group. youchamp allows instant direct payments between users, expense management and split billing. Not only can you transfer money between youchamp users, but you can also send amounts to those who don’t yet have an account. All they need to do is sign up to the app to access their money. youchamp is easy as!


Split Expenses with an App


Unlike most other chat apps, youchamp isn’t JUST a chat app. There are other fantastic functions that don’t appear in other popular chat applications. With youchamp you don’t just organise your memories and events, you can add the bills and split expenses amongst your friends and family members. You can EVEN pay your friends directly within the app. This amazing chat application can do it all. What we are most excited about is our intelligent assistant called Champy. You can ask Champy questions and he’ll always be happy to help you and manage all your chasing up for you.

youchamp allows you the ease of paying your friends and family members or other youchamp members without the hassle of knowing bank account details or adding them to groups. If you have their phone number or email address you can go to the Pay Direct section and send them funds straight from the app. Just find them in your contact list, enter the amount you want to pay, and youchamp will do the rest. You can pay by credit card or use cash or direct debit options.

youchamp is the easiest way to transfer funds to anyone. youchamp is a chat app, a split expenses app and a money transferring app all in one. You can also use it to receive funds, so your friends can send you money with just a simple tap of a button. 

Champy is an automated chat bot ready and willing to help you with whatever you need from youchamp. You can ask Champy a question and hell happily provide you with the answer and if he doesnt know it, hell learn. Chatting with Champy is checked regularly by our team members and they can teach him whatever he needs to know. 

Champy is also here to remind you when you need to pay someone something, or if they owe you. Champy will send them a message, reminding them that they need to pay what they owe and will be so polite about it, they will be happy to make the payment. 

Champy also sends regular updates to his friends (which is you) letting them know what is happening in the world and helping everyone with the best way to use youchamp.


Advanced Expense Management App


youchamp is, first and foremost, an advanced expense management app. With youchamp you can split bills, share payments, and manage your expenses in the app. You can invite your friends and family members to groups, make your plans and go about having fun all while using, youchamp the most advanced split bill app on the market today. Weve tried to think of every scenario and given you the options to manage them. Very soon you will get to know all you spending habits, interestingly, you will definitely know who all the freeloaders in your life are.  Dont you love them?  

With youchamp you can split your expenses equally, or you can split them unequally. Add your friends to an expense, and youchamp will do the bill splitting calculation for you. You can even create recurring expenses which repeat each day, week, month, or whenever you want! 

youchamp will calculate what you owe and who owes you, and then offset the amounts so you are only paying what you need to. With youchamp, we take away the complexities of organising expenses and help you avoid serious talks. youchamp will have your money in your bank in no time  all you need is your friends to accept the charges that you incurred or paid for them. 

youchamp is the best chat app there is. Not only can you create groups with your friends and family, share pictures and videos, reply to messages, forward messages, you also manage your monthly bills and expenses  all automated! Try it to believe it. It is easy to use, looks amazing and is super-fast. You can invite your friends directly from the app, even if they dont have the youchamp app on their phone. With youchamp the concentration is around building and effortlessly managing priceless memories. 


Splitting the Bill at Dinner


Going out to eat is fun, but the reality of splitting the bill isn’t so fun. Even if you only have water and one starter, you get stuck and pay for someone else’s lobster and margarita. If your group decides to distribute your dinners evenly, who will be there for you and who pays for that? Even if you only get water and no snacks, you are likely to be in the same room as your colleagues – workers, friends or family members, so you must pay for everything yourself.

The easiest way to make this gesture is to use the youchamp app. If your friends always go to a particular restaurant when you get together, you should consider whether you take turns paying the entire bill. If your friends often decide to spread the bill evenly and you really try to monitor your expenses, make it all happen with youchamp.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to chat about splitting the bill, ask your guests to share it before they arrive by setting up a youchamp group for your dinner event. If you split your bill evenly at the end of the night, youchamp will ensure that no one overpays or underpays.

Let’s face it, sharing the bill is really a decision you have to make as a group of friends before deciding to have dinner. You could get stuck splitting your dinner bill if you only have snacks and water or a friend who always forgets to pay back their wallet. Sharing bills is also an option, if you respect the small budget at the table.

youchamp allows you to establish a tab with your friends, calculate your group bill and distribute it fairly. youchamp will then help you split the bill and claim expenses for the cost of a meal for however many different people.

We’re here to help you keep the piece at every group dinner event. Download youchamp now for stress-free bill splitting.


youchamp Money Exchange App

youchamp is here to help you keep it fair when splitting your rent with others. Here are some of the most common ways roommates can share rent, how to calculate what your roommates should pay and how to split rent payments.


How much should everyone pay?

If your rooms are different in size, your roommate might want to divide the rent by square metre. You may want to think about what your roommate should pay based on the size of the room, just to keep things fair.

It might also be fairer to divide the rent by the number of bedrooms than to divide it among the roommates. That being said, fair rent sharing between couples is about assigning value to the common areas of the home, and fair rent splitting reflects this. For example, you could split the rent between people, so that each member of a couple pays what they have in their share.

Once you have calculated and determined the value of your apartment share, it’s relatively easy to determine your rental premium with your roommate. This kind of rent sharing creates tax equality for everyone, especially if you and your roommates have relatively similar room sizes and furnishings. By sharing the higher rental costs and dividing the different bills for utilities and food, the common space will have advantages.

How to pay your rent

Stay in touch with your landlord and pay your rent with the youchamp split bill app. Divide the cost between you and your roommate by using the youchamp expense splitter. Set it up as a recurring expense to make sure youchamp automatically takes care of the bill every month.

If you follow these tips for managing joint expenditure with your roommate, you can spend less time worrying about how to share your living expenses with them, and more time enjoying each other’s company!